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Launching 15th November
An Exciting Revolution in the Networking Industry!
A True Customer Model with Incredible Value
Secure Your Position Today!





Local and International Seminars on Vacation   www.thehappinessvacationar.com


Virtual Education Centre – The Pursuit of Happiness   featuring :

ShawnShawn Achor (Ophrah Winfrey’s favourite positive psychologist) http://thehappinessadvantage.com





Chris Gardner (portrayed by Will Smith in the blockbuster movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’) http://www.chrisgardnermedia.com/




Guaranteed lowest price global travel destinations No credit check vacation financing Crowd vacations Personal travel concierges  (speak with a live person to book your travel)

Elevate Your Health App

Convert Calories burned to Travel Miles Earned Earn points for exercising and getting healthier with the Elevate App The fitter you become the further you can travel

Four Oceans Loyalty App

Save when shopping with your local merchants and earn bonus travel and rewards points Mobile app point tracking Global network of retailers Redeem points for cash goods or travel Businesses join for free Exclusive technology

A Rewards Plan That Will Have You Buzzing

The Four Oceans rewards plan is extra-ordinarily generous, with some elements that have never been seen before and will set the industry buzzing. The official document will full details will be available within the next week.



Robert_OblonThe founder and sole owner of Four Oceans is Robert Oblon.

Robert Oblon has an impressive and proven track record in both the network marketing and travel industries. A quick Google search will give you everything you need to know about him.

Robert started building travel websites and technology in 1997, long before the Internet was filled with the travel giants of today. Working hand in hand with one of Southern California’s oldest travel agencies, he built the premier travel websites of the era 1800MrCruise.com and DiscountAirBrokers.com. (no longer operational).  In their heyday, these travel portals took the lead as consumers looked to the world-wide-web searching for the best travel deals.

In 2002, Mr. Oblon partnered with a new technology developer who created and introduced to the online world, the first meta-search engine in travel. QIXO was a downloadable application that enabled the end user to search over 20 airline websites simultaneously from one search.

In 2005 he was a co-founder and President of a very successful travel network marketing company that is still going strong today. During the 31/2 years of his tenure, he helped build that company to $150 million in revenue.

Robert recently, through his company Travopoly Travel (which is the Travel division of Four Oceans), acquired a public company, called Ultimate Rack. To understand the significance of this acquisition please click on the following links to read the details.



Robert has already engaged a strong Management Team for Four Oceans, who all have many years experience in the networking industry.

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